Share your stories and guide the way!

Why Become a Guide?


We all relate to being lost. Especially in times of change like the end of highschool and the beginning of uni. Be the guide you wish you'd had and help light up a path in the jungle.


( Coming later)

We know your time is valuable. In the future, you'll be able to charge for your time, reflecting the value of your personal journey and the worth of your expertise.


Elevate your resume by actively participating in activities that develop your skills and align with your career objectives, thus enriching your professional and personal growth.

"Am I qualified to give people life advice?''

If you're thinking this, it shows you genuinely care about the information people use to make their life decisions. That's good! But don't worry...

The Jungle chats are less about ''giving advice'' and more about a guide telling an explorer about their experiences, whether they enjoyed those experiences or not, and why.

You're always going to be an expert in your own lived experience! When you talk about your experiences in this way, an explorer can determine for themselves if they relate to your feelings about your experiences, and make sound decisions about what to do for themselves based on how much they relate!